Custom file orders must be accompanied with an email. The subject should be your order number. Please include your file and desired scaling in this email. Your file must be a seamless design, and ready to print on fabric. If all information is not received, you will risk your custom order not being submitted until the next pre-order. No refunds will be given for mistakes on your part. If your file is not seamless or has issues it is up to you to fix all mistakes.


While we strive to give our customers an extra 1/4 inch with every yard and half yard cut, we do reserve a full 1 inch barrier for mistakes. This means if your fabric is less than an inch short, it is not eligible for a return. If there is a jagged edge, it must still effect at least an inch of fabric before eligible. 


If a fabric has “lines” or “runs” or anything else, including print on the back of the fabric, but the design on the front is not effected, this is not accepted for a return. If the design is effected, please contact

If there is a flaw in the fabric smaller than the size of a Quarter it is not available for refund. If the flaw is larger than a quarter please contact me by email.

CONTINUOUS YARDS: I will always try to keep preordered fabric continuous sometimes my suppliers send it to me cut into separate cuts. 

Mallory@weelittlethingshop.com and be sure to attach pictures. 


The current turnaround time for pre-orders is 4-6 weeks from the time a pre-order closes. There is a detailed updated status on all pre-orders in the annoucements section of the Facebook Group. If you email about an order that is still within turnaround time, you will be directed to this post. 

Retail turnaround time is 1-3 business days, not including weekends and holidays. 


If retail and pre-order listings are purchased together, you will risk having your order refunded, and losing your retail order, which is a first come first serve basis. Purchasing Retail and Pre-order together, will result in a refund of your retail order, and will not constitute a refund of your pre-order. 


Any and all questions should be sent to us at mallory@weelittlethingshop.com. Please allow 2 business days for a response.


Shipping tat is 4-6 weeks from closing of pre-order. Retail is 1-3 business days  

We do not mind filing claims for missing packages. Please email Mallory@weelittlethingshop.com with your order number if your package is missing or damaged. USPS website states a claim must be filed within 60 days of the mailing date, and Wee Little Things Fabric must be notified within this time frame as well in order to file a claim. 

We are not responsible for tracking customer packages.