Strawberry Blossom Plum

Strawberry Blossom Plum

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We are here to offer custom fabrics, on a large variety of bases, with great quality. Most designs are sized 6x6 so doodles are 2 inches in size. If you need a custom size please add it to the note section.

TAT: Pre-Order is 6-8 weeks AFTER THE ROUND CLOSES, not including weekends or holidays. Each round is a week running from Tuesday-Sunday

READY TO SHIP is 3-5 business days not including weekends or holidays


Yard - 36 x WOF

Half Yard- 18 x WOF

Fat Half- 30 x 36

ADULT PANEL: the size the panel comes at either 24x36 or 30x36 (teens and adults)

BIG KIDS PANEL: 18x30 or 24x30 (bigger toddlers-big kids)

KIDS PANEL: 12x18 or 15x18 (good for small babies-toddler)

Any questions can be sent to